These Are Three Historic Places You Must Visit When In Arabic

Arabic is indeed known as a historic place for many people, especially Muslims. Not infrequently if there are so many people who learn Arabic, even most of them choose to learn arabic online so that it can be easier to learn it and not waste a lot of time. For that, if you are also a person who will learn Arabic, then that is the right way.

If you are visiting Arabia, then there’s nothing wrong for me to visit some of the historical places that are there. Some historical places that you must visit are

1. Najd
The plateau which is known as the central part of the Arabian Peninsula is apparently an area in the center of Saudi Arabia. The height of this place is between 762 to 1,525 meters above sea level.
Oasis villages mark the eastern part of the region, while in other areas there are Bedouin nomadic tribes known to be residents. Tourists who want to make the holiday experience even more exciting, check out this plateau which will guarantee you satisfaction to visit this tourist spot.

2. Jannat al Baqi
Religious and historical tourism will be more extraordinary when you visit Jannat al-Baqi or also known as the Tree Garden of Heaven. In Saudi Arabia, this is a sacred location for Muslims because it is a burial ground with great history.
The contents of this place are remnants of the family, relatives, and friends of the Prophet Muhammad, even including his grandfather and mother-in-law. So for those who have the opportunity to visit, may also make a pilgrimage in this place and can find out where the various remnants of the family, as well as friends of the Prophet Muhammad.

3. Dumat Al-Jandal
For those of you who want to see unique architectural buildings with a great history behind the construction, this one site is good to consider even though this place looks dry with buildings and all corners of the walls made of brick and mud.

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