How to Deal with Sadness

Recently the community has taken a number of steps to de-formalize mental health conditions. It is estimated that one in three people will experience mental health problems at some point in their lives and both directly and indirectly, this becomes a problem that will affect us all. What’s more, the progress of an increasingly modern world will increase the prevalence of mental health conditions. No need to go far, Check Here to talk to yourself.

Almost every day we must roll the mobile screen to just check the timeline of Facebook and Instagram. Then, indirectly, you might compare what your social media friends have with your current life. That’s where jealousy will arise which indirectly has a negative effect on your health. Then how to prevent it.

In the era of social media, many of us like to capture everything around us. A little photo, then upload it to social media so that other people know what we have been through. Apparently, according to a study published by Psychological Science, it shows that an obsession to document everything can endanger mental health.