Characteristics of a Good Logo

The current logo is not only needed by large companies. Newly started companies, campus events, home industry products, even personal blogs are now starting to use logos as part of their identity. Indeed, it is undeniable that logos are indeed something very important for a brand whether it’s a company, product, website or event because from there they will be known by the wider community. You can make the logo using embroidery.

The logo is like a face. Everyone can be easily identified with each other just by looking at the face. So is the case with the logo. A logo is created as an identity to be unique and easily distinguishable from competitors. The better your logo, the better your brand identity will be in the eyes of the public.

– Not based on the current trend
Creating a logo design based on trends will only last when the trend is in progress. When the trend has changed, the logo design will look old-fashioned and outdated. Try to create a logo design that can last as long as possible without having to redesign. Because once your logo is redesigned, it means you also reset people’s memories of your product.

– Don’t wear too many colors
Too much color will make your logo look confusing. Try to make a logo design with at most 4 colors, or if you really want to use a lot of colors, try to make a combination that is logical and pleasing to the eye. If possible, use color psychology theory.

– Using the right font
Although simple, the font plays a large role in a logo. Each font carries its own image. For example, classic-style fonts will tend to look fancy and formal, while squiggly fonts tend to look playful and informal. When creating a logo design, choose the font that best matches the image you want to display.