Remember this when you learn how to play golf

Keep the desire to hit far away. That is, do not first see results, but try to pay attention to the process, has the ball been hit perpendicular to the club surface? Is our backswing too erect or too flat? Stick position when the backswing (swing back) really determines our downswing. Then notice whether the position of the club surface is perpendicular to the surface of the ball? Meanwhile, you might also want to go to the bestbangkok golf course, if you’re going to have a good vacation or a not-so-busy business trip to Thailand. Make sure you know the right course for playing golf, so you can get the most satisfying golfing experience when you’re visiting Bangkok.

Use the ball as needed

Practicing on the driving range does cost a lot of energy and energy. Call it like the cost of ball rentals and tips using caddy services. The more balls are used, the higher the cost is needed. Similarly, if you don’t use caddy services, you have to drain a lot of energy to position the ball on the tee.

Golf Simulator

If you want to feel the different sensation of learning golf, you can also come to a place that provides a golf play simulator

There are three simulation options that you can choose, namely:

– 18-hole courses

With virtual reality technology, GolfMax delivers amazing accuracy and detail, so you seem to be playing on the world’s best golf courses, where professionals usually swing their golf clubs.

– Driving Range

Yes, this simulation is the answer to the prayers of long-distance punch fans. Here, there is an option to add distance, speed, and trajectory, so you continue to be challenged to swing a golf stick.

– Approach Mode

This one is a short golf game with a mode that can be determined by yourself. The aim is to sharpen the concentration so that the blows are more steady and directed.