3 Characteristics of Healthy Hair You Should Have

Having healthy hair is the desire of everyone, especially women. Hair is one part of the body to support appearance. Healthy hair will make the appearance more attractive while attracting the attention of others. In order not to choose the wrong look of hair, people often look for reference models and hair colors on the internet, one of them through the Black Health and Wealth website. References are needed so that you get an idea of ??the desired hairstyle while reducing disappointment after getting results.

To get healthy hair, care needs to be taken regularly. But do you know what a healthy hair standard looks like? Here we provide an explanation of the characteristics of healthy hair :

– Soft and shiny
The first characteristic of healthy hair is to have a soft texture and also look shining. Hair with features like this shows that your hair cuticles are healthy and moisture is maintained. Healthy and undamaged cuticles will give a smooth texture to the surface of the hair. In addition, the smoothness of the cuticle will also make light easier to reflect so that the hair looks more radiant.

– Healthy Scalp
There are several indications to assess whether or not the scalp is healthy. First is the amount of hair that grows on the head. A healthy scalp will have an average of three strands of hair in each pore. If the hair on the head looks less frequent, it’s likely a sign that your scalp is not healthy. The unhealthy scalp is also characterized by dandruff. Besides dandruff that leaves white flakes, you can also see the color of your scalp. A healthy scalp will have color pigments that are not much different from facial skin pigments and certainly do not experience irritation and redness.

– A reasonable loss
Daily hair loss is normal. But this can only be called reasonable if only 50-100 strands of hair fall in one day. If the number of hair loss passes or even many times that amount, then your hair does not meet the characteristics of healthy hair.