Here Are Some Movement Variations You Can Do When Skipping

Maybe, skipping has long been a sport that is liked by many people because it’s easy and can be done anywhere and anytime, even when you don’t have the time to go to the gym because you can do it at home. However, when doing skipping, you also need the right tools. At you can get the skipping rope you need to exercise.

A good skipping rope will help you in doing the sport and you can also get good results from these activities. When doing skipping, obviously you can do various techniques so that the movement can be more varied. Some of the movements in skipping that you can do are

1. Regular skip
Both feet stand upright, then do the jumping motion while moving both wrists to rotate the rope. Jump movement is not recommended too high, just 2-4 cm from the floor. For beginners, the movement can be done for 15 minutes every day. If you are used to and are good at turning the rope, regular skips can be done for 60 minutes every day.

2. One foot hops
While the wrist rotates the rope, one leg, either right or left is directed 30 degrees forward, then do a jumping motion. The movement makes the abdominal and leg muscles work more extra and is able to train body balance.

3. High Knees
Not just jumping, skipping movements can be varied by running in place. However, every time you swing your legs, make sure your knees are aligned with your hips. While both wrists rotate the rope, do the movement slowly if you don’t use jump ropes. As with the movement of one-foot hops, it can tighten the abdominal and leg muscles.

4. Side to side
It’s almost the same as a regular skip, side to side, just swinging right and left while jumping. It should be noted, the types of skipping movements must be done carefully. Because, if you are not used to jumping quickly with a variety of styles, injury due to falls can occur.