How To Maintain Fur Rugs

To clean the furry carpet that is exposed to dust or dirt, the first way you can do is to use a home cleaning device in the form of a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner not only helps the cleaning process run easier, but you also won’t damage the carpet. In addition to cleaning the top, don’t forget to clean the bottom. So that the side of the feather does not come into the vacuum cleaner, you can cover it using a cloth. Do it thoroughly until all the dirt has completely disappeared. Apart from that, go to the carpet cleaning north shore whenever you need to hire professionals for cleaning your carpet quickly and efficiently.

Clean with brush

Cleaning the hairy chalk can also be done using a brush. But choose the type of brush that uses soft fur compared to coarse fur. Because the use of a soft bristle brush will not damage the carpet. The coarse bristle brush is also feared to damage the appearance of being not beautiful anymore. Use a soft brush gently to remove any dust and dirt that sticks to the types of house floors. Don’t forget afterward the floor is back on the broom so that the dirt doesn’t accumulate.

Cleaning regularly

Cleaning carpets regularly can also be one way to create the characteristics of a healthy home in a dwelling. Make a schedule for cleaning the carpet, for example, one to two times a week. Cleaning carpets on a regular basis can maintain its beauty because carpets can transform ordinary homes into luxury. If the carpet has not been cleaned for a long time, it is feared that the debris that settles can turn into crusty. If it is crusted it will be harder to clean. If you really don’t have time to clean, use cleaning services to do it occasionally.

Shake the tapestry

Another way that you can do is to shake the carpet in the morning on the yard. This method is also effective because all the dust that falls directly falls on the grass. However, only do this on small-sized carpets. If it is large, you will certainly find it difficult when you want to wag the carpet.

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