Ways to Overcome Hack

In the digital world, not a few people whose accounts have been hacked. If not, have you ever thought that if you got hacked, what would happen? Or, have you felt how painful it is if you get hacked?  two factor authentication So, what should be done if you get hacked? Calm down, through this article we will provide information on what if you get hacked and what you should do. So, read more this article.

What to do if you get hacked?

1. Reset Password

The first thing you must do is you have to reset your password. Why, how do you get hacked? It’s easy, usually, you will be referred to an email in creating your account. Or, you give another email as a backup email from what you use.

2. Activate Antivirus

Sometimes you often really ignore this one thing, which is forgetting to activate your antivirus. The danger is also pretty, if you are negligent, your account can be hacked by someone who has bad intentions. So, from now on don’t forget to activate your antivirus.

3. Set the Two-Step Verification

Besides antivirus, the next thing that is often forgotten is two steps of verification. The strongest reason is that you are lazy to do it. But, if so, then the possibility for your account to be hacked is very large.

That’s what you have to do if you get hacked. Don’t panic, think calmly and surely, your account will return.

For this time, there are some tips that you might be able to use to make your account password strong and not easily hacked or hacked. Here are the tips:

1. Never use a password that is commonly used

Most people actually use passwords that are commonly used to be easy to remember. However, it is actually a disaster for you.
password, secret, qwerty, 1234567890, date of birth, and so on

If you use the formula above, immediately change your password before your account becomes a victim of piracy.

2. Maximize the use of symbols that are on the keyboard.

This method is believed to be very effective in avoiding account hijacking as has happened a lot.
) * 6% 4

But keep in mind, you should not forget the arrangement of symbols that you use as a password.