Passion VS Salary In Choosing A Job

Having a job that matches your passion and personality will be very pleasant. Besides you can enjoy the work you do every day, you will also be paid to do things that you like, at least doing tasks that you do not hate and you will not consider being a burden of life. If you have an introverted personality or free spirit, then we recommend that you choose a job that suits your passion and personality. Apart from that, visit the job centre online when you need to find a job easily and quickly.

Jobs like freelancers, graphic designers, and even social media account managers for a company can be very suitable for you. The jobs just mentioned are very suitable for people who do not want to feel burdened with their work, especially if the tasks given by the company to them are in accordance with their hobbies, interests or talents and also they are paid a high salary.

However, before you rush to choose a job that matches the criteria we have mentioned before, make sure you also consider other jobs that might give you different opportunities. Some types of work will be very contrary to your passion and personality. If your current job includes criteria that are not in accordance with your passion, interests, talents, and personality, we do not recommend that you rush into finding new jobs.

Consider the salary offered by the company to you. If the salary is enough or even more than satisfying, don’t just leave your job, especially if you are not sure that you can get the next job faster. However, if it turns out the salary is not as high as your expectations, there is one other thing that you can consider, namely the mandatory working hours for you at the company.

If the working hours charged by the company do not take a long time, especially not up to 9 hours, then there is no harm in you still working in the company even though the salary is not too high. We recommend that you take advantage of the free time you get every day after your working hours end. You can take advantage of this free time for recreation, sharpening skills, learning, looking for additional income, or even doing other positive activities.

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