How often do you feel angry, sad, or anxious?

Everyone, including you, must have experienced stress. The reasons can vary: from heartbreak, work pressure, or family problems. If you experience that, one way you can do is tell stories with friends, friends, girlfriends, or parents. However, not always you can get what you need if you only talk to the people closest to you. Especially if they keep commenting, even though what you want only needs to be heard. It’s not better, your condition can actually worsen. If so, maybe it’s time you need professional handling. It’s good not to get worse first. Consulting a psychologist or psychiatrist and ayawasca does not necessarily mean that you have a mental disorder (and why if you have a mental disorder? Those who have this disorder are also humans, right?)

Usually, you are very good at managing emotions. But lately, your emotions often change on their own. Does it disturb or change your habits? If so, your emotions may be out of your control right now. This means that you are in an unstable condition. this can indicate that your problem is too big for you to handle yourself. If you have felt this sudden emotional change, there’s nothing wrong with visiting psychologists on your campus or city. Business affairs are no longer simple. You eat more than usual, or your lust just disappears, there’s no trace. Changes in appetite can be a sign that you are bearing a lot of emotional burdens. Maybe you have a desire to eat constantly, or you don’t want to eat at all.

Eating disorders are usually more experienced by you women. Moreover, women are more susceptible to stress than men. Isn’t it right to visit a psychologist before this appetite disorder affects your health condition? You can’t tell all your experiences to friends or family. Especially if you have trauma. The sadness of losing someone you love, breaking up, breaking your heart, or losing your job is a factor that changes your life. The pain that feels bitter, you cannot forget even though time continues to run continuously.

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